bYo - The development of a yoga mat - Part 1

There are yoga mats like sand by the sea, why another one? Quite simply: not a single yoga mat that we looked at was able to convince us 100% in terms of real sustainability and design. In part 1 we explain the background of our new yoga mat.

The project to create a new yoga mat was already on our agenda when treeletic was founded. The initial question, however, was how we can change something crucial in a product of which countless variants are already available on the market. After all, it is part of our core brand to offer our community something that is better than what is normally available on the market.

And so the central question was which materials are actually used for yoga mats. To our surprise we found that all mats are more or less made with artificial materials. Be it latex, recycled PU or the supposedly environmentally friendly TPE.

Wait a minute, yoga and artificial materials, how does that fit together? It's not possible, is it? Exactly, we think so too.

But there are mats that are made entirely or partly from natural rubber!? Admittedly, that would have been an alternative for us. You will soon find out why we were not satisfied with this in part 2 of our blog.