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bYo® Soft Pro

Minimalistisches Design – Maximaler Komfort

ECO Y Gym Bag

Vielseitig für Sport & Mehr


Balanceboard und Plankpad in einem


Die nachhaltige Lösung für Mobility und Regeneration



Nice that there are now sustainable alternatives!


I fell in love with your products!


The bYo yoga mat simply looks spectacular.

- Nasrine

Thank you for the quick processing, first class service!

- Tasya

This is the most beautiful yoga mat I have ever seen.

bYo® yoga mat is the winner of the Green Product Award

Sustainability meets design. bYo® is the first yoga mat to win the Product Award 2022. The bYo® yoga mat is made of 100% cork and is therefore convincing with its continuous sustainability and complete recyclability.

Die Community #iamtreeletic

An active and mindful community that respects our nature. With a conscious selection of the products that we use, we can contribute to environmental protection. Let's do something together. In harmony with your sport and your environment.

In harmony with your sport and your environment

We believe that the environment and health are closely linked and that is why we are committed to developing products that are good for the environment as well as for our customers.

Our products are manufactured under ethical and environmentally friendly conditions and are made from natural materials that are biodegradable. We do not use plastic and rely on recyclable packaging.

In addition to our commitment to sustainability, we also go one step further. We attach great importance to design and create products with the unique treeletic style that are alternative, individual and unmistakable.

By purchasing our products, you help protect the environment and make an active contribution to a sustainable future.