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First and foremost: sustainability

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We attach particular importance to ethical action, fairness and responsibility. Each product has gone through a selection process based on strict criteria. We are transparent in our claims and efforts and ensure that our actions are actually sustainable.

Our customers can rest assured that they are ordering products that are sourced in an ethical, fair and responsible manner. Because every single decision makes a difference.

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Here in particular it is very important to take a very close look. For products such as organic cotton, a GOTS certificate is additional proof of sustainability, which is also recognized by environmental organizations.

However, we are rather critical of initiatives such as planting trees. This is often backed by private-sector organizations and it is hardly transparent how the implementation actually takes place.

In the case of local productions, it sometimes makes no economic sense to introduce an extensive certification process that would have a negative impact on product prices.

Wherever it is possible, sensible and transparent, we use certifications or labels and provide information about them.

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Order, payment options & shipping

We ship daily, orders are usually with the customer within 1-3 days.

When you confirm your order, you will receive a tracking ID in the next step, with which you can track the order online at any time.

Yes this is not a problem.

We offer all common payment methods and also payment by invoice.

In the express checkout you will be shown preferred payment methods with which you can order directly. For more payment options, simply enter the customer data and enter the desired payment method.

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We deliver worldwide. You can find the shipping costs for international deliveries here .

Return & Exchange

We offer an extended return period as part of the treeletic satisfaction guarantee. You can return any item purchased from us within 30 days without giving a reason.

If you would like to exchange an item, you can simply create a new order in our shop and simply send us a short email to bestellung@treeletic.de.

We will process the return as quickly as possible and issue a refund within 7 days.


We see ourselves as a community in which we bring together team, customers, partners, ambassadors, friends under #iamtreeletic. Our top priority is our brand promise, which we offer with #iamtreeletic.

#iamtreeletic stands for everyone who values ​​sustainability and high-quality, durable products in the sports sector. Sport and sustainability simply belong together.

Collaborate with treeletic

We share the passion of all people involved in sport. For personal trainers, yoga teachers or other coaches in the field of sports, we offer permanent special discounts. Please send us your data and the license to partner@treeletic.de. You will then receive an individualized code for your purchases in our shop.

Would you like to resell our products to your customers? We have a special reseller program, you can read more about it here .

Our concept has convinced you, are you sporty and active in social media? Then just get in touch with us, tell us a little bit about yourself and give us your social media accounts. We would be happy to explore the possibility of working together. Ambassadors can test our products exclusively and also receive shopping benefits. Just send us a message here .