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Unsere Mission ist auch eine Reise persönlicher Erfahrungen. Wir begegnen Mikroplastik überall, nicht nur in fernen Ländern, sondern auch tagtäglich, sei es Produkte die wir benutzen, hin zur Kleidung bis zur Nahrung, die wir konsumieren. Mikroplastik hat sich zu einer allgegenwärtigen Bedrohung entwickelt, die uns unmittelbar betrifft und erfordert konkrete Maßnahmen zur Reduzierung und Vermeidung von Plastikverbrauch.

Wir im Sport tragen Verantwortung

Als Sportler streben wir danach, natürliche Materialien zu nutzen, da sie nicht nur unsere Leistung unterstützen, sondern auch einen positiven Einfluss auf die Umwelt haben. Diese bewusste Entscheidung hat nicht nur Vorteile für unsere Gesundheit und unser Wohlbefinden, sondern auch für die Ökosysteme, denen wir uns als Sportler verbunden fühlen.


We have made it our mission to combine sports products and sustainability. In the sense of " In harmony with my sport and my environment ."

However, sustainability alone is not very meaningful. That's why we give a lot of thought to the areas in which our products can be better than what is otherwise available on the market.

We have developed a total of four strict criteria - our BIG 4 - which we use as a basis when selecting our products.



Sustainability is the top priority for our products. What materials are available and how do we ensure that our customers enjoy the products for a long time? This is our top priority. As little additional material as possible, recyclable packaging materials and no harmful materials. Our products are completely plastic-free.



Longevity comes first before recycling. But even with durable products, at some point the question arises as to how they can be recycled. That's why we take special care to ensure that our products are reusable. Materials such as cork or organic cotton meet this requirement to a particularly high degree.



We completely do without animal materials. Without compromises. You have to know that even with products made from sheep's wool, there are major problems with regard to animal husbandry. We want animals to live in their natural environment, that's why we're a vegan company.


high quality

Our goal from the beginning was to create something beautiful. Why should environmental protection and a beautiful design be mutually exclusive? Durability is also a very important criterion for us when we decide to put a product on the market. After all, we all want to be able to enjoy our products for a long time.

We only offer products that meet the #iamtreeletic criteria

We only offer products that meet the #iamtreeletic criteria

treeletic was born from the idea of ​​not only doing something good for oneself through sport, but also to contribute to environmental protection through a conscious selection of the products that we use. We see the team, our customers and partners, brand ambassadors and friends as one community.

Are you #iamtreeletic too?

Are you #iamtreeletic too?