bYo® - die besten nachhaltigen Yogamatten #1

bYo® - the sustainable premium yoga mat made of cork

The most natural yoga mat on the market for your best yoga or workout

natural and sustainable - bYo is 100% natural made of cork in a beautiful design
Each mat is lovingly handcrafted and is absolutely unique - the production takes place in Portugal, the print in Germany, plastic-free shipping via DHL
Cork is particularly environmentally friendly, the use of cork bark helps the tree to regenerate and thus binds more Co2
while other yoga mats attract dust, bYo is easy to clean, simply with a slightly damp cloth
perfect yoga skills - cork naturally offers a high level of grip and if you sweat a lot, you will be even more happy with the bYo, because this increases the grip even more and cork is antibacterial, your mat stays hygienic - the pleasant cushioning supports your yoga flow

The original of the cork yoga mat. Winner of the Green Product Award 2022.
You fell in love with bYo right away? What are you waiting for?