treeletic wins the Green Product Award 2022

With the bYo® yoga mat, treeletic wins its first award in the field of sustainability, the Green Product Award 2022.

Over 1,500 participants from 54 countries selected us as the winner in the Sustainable Yoga Mat category.

Since 2013, the international Green Product Award has honored products and services that impress in terms of sustainability, innovation and design.

bYo is the first yoga mat on the European market to be made from 100% cork (until now, a thin layer of cork was only used on the upper side) and is therefore convincing with its consistent sustainability and full recyclability. In addition, our bYo is manufactured in Portugal, which avoids unnecessarily long transport routes.

Cork is obtained from the bark of the cork oak tree and is harvested for the first time when it is around 25 years old and then every 9 years. A single cork oak can produce up to 1,000 kg of cork and live for 250 years.

A peeled cork oak binds up to four times more carbon dioxide and is therefore positive for people and nature.

No tree has to be felled for this, the use of cork extends the life of the tree and thus actively contributes to climate protection and results in an all-round positive ecological balance. All of these positive qualities are fully in line with our strict #iamtreeletic criteria.

treeletic was founded in 2020 with the aim of combining sport and sustainability and offering product solutions that are a real alternative.