Sustainable and practical training companion: the ECO Y Gym Bag made from organic cotton

A good gym bag should not only be practical and comfortable, but also durable and robust. In order to protect the environment, it is also important that it is made from sustainable materials. The new ECO Y Gym Bag meets all these requirements and is also made from organic cotton according to the GOTS standard.

ECO Y Gym Bag sports bag

An important feature of a good gym bag is that it offers enough space to accommodate all the important utensils for a training session. These include, for example, sneakers, a towel, a water bottle and sportswear. It is important that all items are well organized and easily accessible. A good bag base, separate compartments and practical zippers contribute to good functionality.

ECO Y Gym Bag sports bag

The gym bag should also be comfortable to carry. A good shoulder strap that is adjustable and padded makes it easier to carry heavy loads. Additional handles on the side or top make it possible to carry the bag with one hand.

Sustainability is an important aspect nowadays that many consumers consider when choosing their products. The ECO Y Gym Bag is made from organic cotton and is produced without the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides.

The ECO Y offers everything and more that you would expect from a good gym bag: enough space, easy to carry and sustainable production. The ECO Y can be used flexibly for all activities, whether for sports or on the go.

And we offer another highlight: a laundry and shopper bag is included. This is super practical for used laundry, for shoes or for a quick purchase.