Tips for your perfect yoga @home

Sometimes it's best at home, don't you think? And one of the best things can be doing your workout or yoga session at home. You can find out how to prepare this perfectly in today's blog post.

Find your space

You don't need a lot of space, a quiet, bright and well-ventilated room or a separate corner is ideal. So you can fully prepare for your session. If you have enough space, set it up as your personal yoga space. Plain or with a few utensils, just as you like. It's the space where you just feel good, your holy space.


The most important utensil is of course your yoga mat. Only use natural materials, this is often overlooked, but you are in constant contact with your mat and it should support you in your flow. You will feel much better on a natural mat and you can do your exercises with full energy.
A cork yoga block can help you with both simple and complex asanas.

Add a blanket or towel if needed.

Plan the session firmly

The yoga session is an appointment with yourself! We humans are all different. For some, the early morning is the best time to start the day full of energy, for others it's the end of the day as soon as everything is done. Whenever, plan the session in any case - no excuses! And practice regularly, that has the greatest effect.

It's easier with rituals

Things that we are used to come easily to us. Develop your own yoga ritual, too, so that going to the yoga mat becomes completely normal for you. Rituals can be varied, a conscious smile, a mindfulness breakfast or breathing exercises. Find your own ritual.

find your style

At home you are completely free as far as the exercises are concerned. If you already have experience, you can think carefully about which exercises you want to do.
There are great free offers on YouTube and on social media, get ideas there or do a whole session with them.

The most important thing is that you adapt to your needs. Then you will easily develop your personal style.

Enjoy 😉

Enjoy the time on your yoga mat, as already mentioned, it's your holy space from which you can draw energy. End your yoga session with a ritual and reward yourself. This can be, for example, conscious meditation, a drink (how about a delicious smoothie or your favorite tea?) or keep a yoga diary and write down your feelings about the yoga session.