treeletic launches balance boards

Balance boards can be used to specifically train deep muscle groups as well as stability and coordination. Our goal was to create a new style.

Balance boards have become a real trend and many of our customers have already used our cork foam roller for their balance board. So it was obvious for us to launch our own series.

First step: market analysis. Most boards on the market are made in China and there is no way of knowing how the wood was processed, let alone the growing conditions to shipping.

A no-go for us, as there are enough companies in Germany that process wood products. That is why we have entered into a cooperation in the region where our boards are pre-produced.

The treeletic balance boards offer the following impact:
- handmade in Germany
- FSC certified wood
- Coloring based on linseed oils without additives
- four stylish designs in surf design

Our first series of balance boards is inspired by surf design, while preserving the natural structure of the wood. The treeletic balance board will be a real highlight in your home.

The areas of application of our boards are diverse:
- Balance training for athletes
- Train coordination and motor skills
- Train deep muscle groups in a targeted manner
- Training tool for surfers, skaters and all board athletes

Balance boards are a universal training tool that can be used at home at any time and offer a wide range of training options.