treeletic sportswear is here

Our Sportswear Collection is high-quality sportswear made from certified organic cotton for athletes that suits an active lifestyle.

We are so excited that our next product range is now on the market, treeletic sportswear. The philosophy of our collection consists of a clear, minimalist design and fabrics that are very comfortable to wear.

All products from the collection are certified according to the high GOTS standard. But that alone is not enough for us. Especially in the production of clothing, there are many aspects to consider, which is why we did a lot of research in order to put it on the market. We have focused on the following sustainable standards.

Climate friendly

The closed-loop production significantly reduces CO2 emissions. Every station in the production process is checked. The energy required comes from renewable energy resources, primarily wind power. The natural CO2 emission during cultivation and transport is compensated by an additional production of green energy.

Environmentally friendly

treeletic sportswear products are delivered in PVC-free packaging and 100% recyclable boxes.

Global Organic Textile Standard

All products are made from organic cotton. The GOTS certificate ensures that no questionable chemicals are used during the cultivation and further processing of the cotton.

Peta approved vegan

No animal has to suffer for our products. All products are made without animal components such as sheep's wool. Vegan products are an important part of the #iamtreeletic criteria. All items from the collection are certified according to the Peta-Approved Vegan Label.

Feel free to take a look around in our shop. We will gradually add more products to the collection.