Switch to DHL GoGreen shipping

Taking responsibility means thinking about every single step. In this story you can find out how we approach this topic in shipping and why we switched to GoGreen.

Natural products should also be shipped sustainably. That's why we chose DHL as our shipping partner right from the start. Of the companies operating in Germany, the offer in terms of sustainability and reliability convinced us the most. By updating our shipments to GoGreen, we are making another active contribution to achieving the most climate-neutral shipping possible.

How can shipping even be sustainable?

Ultimately, every company and every single person contributes to the emission of CO₂ . As a supplier of products and shipper, we are therefore an important part. It is therefore important to us to think about which measures have a positive effect on our environment in every single step. From our point of view, the bottom line is that all aspects of the product, packaging and shipping cycle to the customer are taken into account.

packaging materials

We only use recyclable and FSC-certified packaging materials that we source in Germany. Our packaging is plastic-free and we only use a small amount of filling materials. For individual products, we add inserts that contain important product information on use or care.

shipping partner

We have been working with DHL since the beginning. In addition to reducing emissions, DHL's sustainability initiative also includes the active promotion of climate protection projects.

How does CO₂ compensation work?

Carbon offsetting reduces the amount of CO₂ in the atmosphere so that increased greenhouse gas emissions have a net 0 impact elsewhere. For example, a truck could emit 1kg of CO₂ per mile, while actions taken to conserve a forest remove 1kg of CO₂ from the atmosphere. That's certainly a bit of a simplification, because you can't just keep forest or plant trees at will. That is why we are rather critical of initiatives such as "Plant a tree with your purchase". In this respect, emissions on the one hand and the impact of the reduction on the other hand would have to be measured effectively. There is a clear lack of transparency. We therefore consider the approach of CO₂ compensation directly related to the impact of our shipping to be a very important measure.

Switch to GoGreen

With the recent conversion of our shipping tariff to GoGreen, we are making an active and verifiable contribution to supporting important climate protection projects. In this way, we can take responsibility together with our customers. In practice, this works in such a way that we offset the emissions during shipping with a small surcharge in our tariff. For you as a customer, nothing changes in the shipping rates, because we assume the additional costs that arise.

By ordering from treeletic, you support sustainable and long-term projects that benefit our environment.