Is the bYo yoga mat also suitable for use in the yoga studio?
Thanks to its properties such as stability and naturalness, the bYo yoga mat is already being used in many yoga studios. We also have a special program for yoga teachers, feel free to write to us.

How does the grip of the mat compare to other yoga mats?
Compared to textile mats (cotton, microfiber and similar materials), the mat has better grip, thanks to the natural cork structure. Compared to plastic mats, the grip is slightly lower. If you have very dry skin or generally feel that you need more grip, simply moisten the bYo with water (e.g. with a spray bottle, otherwise with a light cloth) to increase the grip even further. Use your bYo barefoot or with non-slip socks.

How is the cushioning of the bYo yoga mat?
With a thickness of 4 mm, bYo offers you pleasant cushioning. Cork is very hard-wearing, so there is no abrasion during your exercises. Although plastic or rubber mats are softer, such mats usually contain unnatural ingredients. If you need a little more cushioning, simply place a non-slip blanket under bYo.

delivery time
We usually ship your bYo mat on the day you place your order and will be at your home within 1-2 days.

How is bYo shipped?
We ship the bYo yoga mat in neutral, plastic-free packaging made in Germany.