Product guide bYo yoga mat

Who is the mat suitable for? The general properties

Any type of yoga and any workout can be practiced with bYo. bYo is a stable and solid mat that is ideal for home workouts and professional studio use.

With the dimensions of 190x68 cm, it also offers enough space, because the length makes training very comfortable.

Natural and consistently sustainable
bYo is manufactured using a unique manufacturing process. bYo uses cork from Portugal. The top consists of full-surface cork pieces that are assembled by hand. This creates a beautiful structure on the mat.

The underside consists of composite cork granules (so-called agglomerated corc) and a cotton layer is placed in between to make the mat flexible.

This is a unique innovation as traditional cork yoga mats use a different material on the bottom. Most often these are plastics or rubber. For people with a latex allergy, this is a no-go. When specifying natural rubber, you can usually not be sure whether the material is actually 100% natural rubber, since additives are often added and the material can still be described as natural rubber.

bYo combines naturalness and real sustainability, because we do not use harmful materials.


bYo enables a stable hold even during demanding exercises, safety during workout is guaranteed. If you have the feeling that you have too little grip (this can be the case with dry skin, for example), you can also moisten the mat slightly before training (e.g. with a spray bottle, otherwise with a light cloth) to to increase the grip even further. Use your bYo barefoot or with non-slip socks.


Savings are often made at the wrong end here. Although bYo is a firm mat, it is still comfortable with a thickness of 4 mm. This means there is enough cushioning for your training. If you have problems with your joints or knees, you can also put a non-slip blanket under bYo.


bYo is also a real eye-catcher outside of your training and blends harmoniously into your living or training environment. The demands of yoga studios are also fully met and increase the added value of the training.

storage and transportation

Basically, bYo is designed more as a mat for home and studio use, but of course you can take it with you everywhere. Please make sure to secure bYo accordingly. We are working on an accessory for mobile transport for the future. Your bYo is rolled up with the logo on the outside.

Important care instructions

Each bYo mat is handmade and requires regular maintenance. Clean once a week with water and a light cloth, immediately after an intense workout. Leave the mat flat to dry. Do not expose to direct sunlight for long periods.

A high-quality yoga mat is an investment that quickly pays for itself. Compromises are often made when buying, which later lead to buying a different product. With bYo, we also want to set an example - for the conscious purchase of a long-lasting, natural product that you can enjoy for a long time.