Product guide fascia products

What is fascia?

In short, they are connective tissue structures that run through our entire body and are closely connected to the muscles. They have an enormous influence on our well-being and our performance. This is exactly where fascia training comes in.

And how do you train with a foam roller?

The leg and back areas are mainly trained with the fascia roller. In principle, however, all areas of the body such as arms, feet, neck, armpits, etc. can be treated with the foam roller. This loosens adhesions in the fascia and stimulates blood circulation. The applications are diverse, from regeneration to targeted pain treatment. You work with the roller using your own body weight, and you can determine the pressure yourself. In any case, remember to move the roller slowly so that an effective regeneration effect occurs.

We recommend that you watch a few videos in advance or speak to a physiotherapist or personal trainer. You will also find > training videos here on our website and even an > online course in the shop.

What is special about the treeletic fascia products?

Premium material - our fascia roller and ball are made of 100% cork, a sustainable and fully recyclable natural product, because we don't like plastic. During your workouts you will immediately feel how comfortable cork is on the skin. In addition, cork is hypoallergenic, vegan and non-slip.

Optimal hardness - if you have done fascia training before, you may notice that the cork roll is a little harder at first. We recommend that you then work with a little less body weight (e.g. by supporting yourself). Due to the hardness, you can train much more effectively with the roller and you will feel significant improvements. You can gradually adjust the pressure so that you can train individually. With the fascia ball you train hard-to-reach parts of the body such as the lumbar vertebrae or arm parts.

Ideal size - we put a lot of thought into this. There are large and small roles, with different characteristics. But we would like to offer a product that combines the advantages with each other, in the sense of "one size fits all". With the size of the roll of 30x10 cm you can really train all parts of the body and work selectively with the Subball, our fascia ball. Fascia roller and ball complement each other perfectly. Another very important aspect: the role and ball fit in every bag! You want to go to the gym and use your own treeletic roller or the ball? No problem, both are handy, just put them in your pocket or under your arm and your workout can start.